Move your brain

Scientific studies advanced that the running influences our state of mind and our capacity of decision-making then one makes one question for a champion after the running(race)?You know that the physical exercise allows to evacuate the excess of adrenalin stored in the body, the hormone responsible for the stress.

Indeed, after sporting 30 minutes, the brain is going to free(release) endorphins, these hormones are responsible for the well-being, and go provoked an exhilarating feeling!That is why we feel long after the exercise.

But and Julien Lepers in all this?

And the good(property), our breath more supported during the effort, oxygenates more our brain and so allows to change and to revitalize our state of mind.Actually, as the intellectual performance depends the state of mind, our mental performance increases! .

A little… a lot of physical activity will thus allow you to be fervently …for the madness more productive in your work of memorization.

And four in the continuation(suite) on former(ancient) Egypt!

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